How to cascade Normal Operating Pressure value from Pipeline to Valve OPM CE6


In OpenPlant Modeler - when I place a valve on a pipeline, I would like it to have the same Normal Operating Pressure value as my pipeline.

Anyone could help me with a hint how to do it? I am using OPM CE Update6

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi Harshavardhan,

    Thank you for a quick reply!

    Well I understand that I need to use Calculated ECProperty Specification custom attribute and this is the part that is clear to me, however when it comes to ECExpression: this.GetRelatedInstance("SEGMENT_HAS_PIPING_COMPONENT:1:PIPING_NETWORK_SEGMENT").GetRelatedInstance("PIPELINE_HAS_SEGMENT:1:PIPING_NETWORK_SYSTEM").NUMBER

    I dont know how to modify it to make it work in my case. Could you give me any hint on this, please?

    Thanks in advance!

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