How to customize instrument tag?


I was wondering how to change Instrument text in PID? Currently it shows Instrument name on top and number below. Our actual tag iz customized and includes unit number. If I hoover over the symbol its shows correct name. All I need to know is how to add Unit number in front of numeric (033)?

Anyone has an idea?

  • Hello Alex,

    Thanks for posting your query,

    If NAME property shows the desired name then to name property you can add Annotation Custom Attribute & Notify Related Component of Property Value Change custom attribute to it.

    Another possible way to customize is, to create a dummy property & use Calculated ECProperty Specification custom attribute to concatenate desired properties. Once done add above mentioned custom attributes to achieve the desired result.

    For Example:

    Dummy Property on INSTRUMENT_DISCRETE class, that includes two properties.

    Added below mentioned custom attributes as shown below.

    Notify Related Component of Property Value Change custom attribute

    Calculated ECProperty Specification

    Annotation Custom Attribute

    Save all the changes, verify the result in OpenPlant PID as shown below.

    Hope this helps

    Regards | Deepak Singh

  • Having problems achieve what described above. What schema I should open and what I should supplement it with?

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  • Hello Alex,

    You need to open the OpenPlant PID schema & supplement it with OpenPlant PID Supplemental Design (in case of OpenPlant PID CE). If you still have issues please raise service request so that we can schedule meeting assistance on your concern.

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  • If I add Calculated EC property it will override the name. We already have custom tagging for instruments.

    this.DEVICE_TYPE_CODE & "-" & this.UNIT & this.NUMBER & this.DIVISION

    and I dont want to change it. All I need is to modify TEXT on the PID symbol to include unit number, sequence and division.

  • In order to add any custom property for replacing the default number annotation for Parametric Instruments (INSTRUMENT_PARAMETRIC) i suggest following the following process:

    Process Applicable for OpenPLANT CE, Equivalent values for V8i are stated as [VALUE]


    a) Launch Bentley Class Editor from OpenPLANT Administrator>Settings

    b) Open OpenPLANT_PID.1.08 [OpenPLANT_PID.1.07]

    c) Supplement it with OpenPlant_PID_Supplemental_Design.01.08 [Supplemental_Imperial.01.07]

    Customization Process:

    1) Navigate to INSTRUMENT_PARAMETRIC Class (you can use Cntrl+F) and Add New Property "NUM_SUFFIX" [UNIT_NUM"]

    2) Copy the "Annotation Custom Attributes"  from the NUMBER Property:

    3) Paste the copied Custom Attribute on your custom Property "NUM_SUFFIX" [UNIT_NUM]

    4) Add Custom Attribute "Calculated ECProperty Specification"

    5) Compose your Calculated ECProperty As Follows:

    ECExpression: this.NUMBER & "." & this.SUFFIX [ this.UNIT & "-" & this.NUMBER ]

    Failure Value: Num.Suff [ Unit-Num ]

    Parser Regular Expression: NULL (Not needed for annotation purposes)

    IsCalculatedDefaultValueOnly: False

    UseLastValidValueOnFailure: True

    6) Disable Number Annotation:

    7) Save & Verify

    Please notice that in my case i needed to compose an annotation with " Number + . + Suffix ". In oreder to provide Advice for Alex´s situation i have stated the equivalent values for his situation ( UNIT-NUMBER ) in the following format [ VALUE ].

    Hope this Helps,