How to customize instrument tag?


I was wondering how to change Instrument text in PID? Currently it shows Instrument name on top and number below. Our actual tag iz customized and includes unit number. If I hoover over the symbol its shows correct name. All I need to know is how to add Unit number in front of numeric (033)?

Anyone has an idea?

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  • If I add Calculated EC property it will override the name. We already have custom tagging for instruments.

    this.DEVICE_TYPE_CODE & "-" & this.UNIT & this.NUMBER & this.DIVISION

    and I dont want to change it. All I need is to modify TEXT on the PID symbol to include unit number, sequence and division.

  • In order to add any custom property for replacing the default number annotation for Parametric Instruments (INSTRUMENT_PARAMETRIC) i suggest following the following process:

    Process Applicable for OpenPLANT CE, Equivalent values for V8i are stated as [VALUE]


    a) Launch Bentley Class Editor from OpenPLANT Administrator>Settings

    b) Open OpenPLANT_PID.1.08 [OpenPLANT_PID.1.07]

    c) Supplement it with OpenPlant_PID_Supplemental_Design.01.08 [Supplemental_Imperial.01.07]

    Customization Process:

    1) Navigate to INSTRUMENT_PARAMETRIC Class (you can use Cntrl+F) and Add New Property "NUM_SUFFIX" [UNIT_NUM"]

    2) Copy the "Annotation Custom Attributes"  from the NUMBER Property:

    3) Paste the copied Custom Attribute on your custom Property "NUM_SUFFIX" [UNIT_NUM]

    4) Add Custom Attribute "Calculated ECProperty Specification"

    5) Compose your Calculated ECProperty As Follows:

    ECExpression: this.NUMBER & "." & this.SUFFIX [ this.UNIT & "-" & this.NUMBER ]

    Failure Value: Num.Suff [ Unit-Num ]

    Parser Regular Expression: NULL (Not needed for annotation purposes)

    IsCalculatedDefaultValueOnly: False

    UseLastValidValueOnFailure: True

    6) Disable Number Annotation:

    7) Save & Verify

    Please notice that in my case i needed to compose an annotation with " Number + . + Suffix ". In oreder to provide Advice for Alex´s situation i have stated the equivalent values for his situation ( UNIT-NUMBER ) in the following format [ VALUE ].

    Hope this Helps,