2 instances of BRCM running

I am aware you should not be running two instances of BRCM, however, we have occasionally received the 2 instances error pop up even when there is clearly only one instance of the program running.  We can close the program and reopen and resume work.  

I'm just curious if there are known things that might be causing that error?  Is there any other situations that might cause this to appear?  We are running BRCM out of ProjectWise, if that matters.


  • Hello Ben

    Hope your doing well.
    Yes, it is not recommended to run two instances of BRCM simultaneously, but as your getting this error prompt with only once instance running is strange.

    I have tried to do the same at my end with managed and unmanaged projects and I am not able to reproduce the same error.

    Would you please log a service request and attach the exception log, so that we can investigate it further.

    Aadarsh Tale