Isometric Manager Error in fetching Data

We have an issue when creating and then trying to generate Iso for newly created sheet. More than often we get the message 'Error in fetching data' (See attached image)

If closing isometric manager and then generating same from Pipeline Manager it works.. Why does this happen?

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  • Do you have this issue with other styles too or with the custom style only?

    As a possible check, If it is with custom and external db is used with it, try to use the xls instead of xlsx.

    However still need to be checked in details for the issue, it could be due to multiple reasons. Another observed reason is for ISO_SHEET class Name property the Calculated EC Expression have lot of GetRelatedInstance. If it is so, you can created custom property at ISO_SHEET class include GetRelated EC Expression to them and for NAME property use them directly like this.CUSTOM_PROPERTY