OPPID: Breakdown Elements

Hi Everybody,

we are using the some of the predefined breakdown elements for a project, but we have a problem with the pushing of this information from the pipeline to the piping components.

We have a project where we have to define Area and Unit based on PID page where they are located on and not based on the pipeline where they are connected to.

So we have a line starting e.g. in [AREA=20 and Unit = 33] (page 1).

This line goes to another page e.g. [AREA=22 and UNIT=10] (page 2).

All piping components which will be placed on the "second" page needs to have [AREA=22 and UNIT=10]

and the pipeline still has  [AREA=20 and Unit = 33].

But the program always took the properties from the pipeline and push it towards the piping components.

I have tried different ways to manipulate this behaviour, but it never works correct.

Any idea which realitionships needs to be deleted or changed?!