OpenPlant Update 11: Group function + Merge into Master + Stability

Hi everybody,

during the last days I had tested Update 11 for OpenPlant (OPPID, OPPA and OPM).

We had hoped, that the "merge into Master" function will work again in the Microstation Mode, but it doesn't. So still not usable for us.

Additionally I was not able to create groups (crtl+g) in OPM, in both operation modes. Did Bentley change there something? I even can not found the function somewhere else. It seems to be that the function is renamed ?!

Can somebody assist?

Further more during 4 hours of operation, the program had closed itself 3 times, without any warning. It seems to be not stable.. (in Microstation Mode)

Is there anything to adjust?

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    Yes your workaround is true for some situations, but try that with saved views when you want to generate 2D plans, which can be send to clients. 
    First: You do not want to include 3D elements in 2D files. 
    Second: If your view cuts through an element and you just copy the element, it results in having the complete element in your 2D file and not just the cut line. This is why you use merge into master to generate the plans. 

    Edit: Attached GIF showing how different the outcome looks between merge into master and copy fence, when you cut through your plant, when making elevation views.


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