Consistency Manager not Working to Stage PLANT_AREA not working

Hi All,

I am referring the help documentation to include the PLANT_AREA in consistency checker to stage but not able to do so.

Have anyone tried this and make it working?

I have also checked the help file and confused as found two variable names.

Prohibit Property Update (


for the same purpose.

I have checked the Modeler.cfg and observed that the variable OPM_CM_IGNORE_OP3D_CATALOGUE_ATTRIBUTE_PROPERTIES=1 is already defined in Modeler.cfg.

In help file, we have one example for the Description and adding the variable should enable the check-on and should stage but it is not working for me. How to make this working?

How to make the same for associated items and how it will work? However, in my case it is not working with Description property too.

Any thoughts?

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