Solid model disppears as we create instrument

Hi All,

Currently we are trying to place instrument from custom 3d solid.
As we select Instrument and and any component example Level Switch from Create Equipment option then select Solid model and hit on Create , the solid model disappears .

Any suggestions to avoid this disappearing of solid model. 

  • Hi Ashutosh,

    Thanks for posting your concern in Bentley Communities. May we know which version of OPM you are using? And, is this apparent in your workset or also reproducible in the Out-of-the-Box as well?



  • HI Fer,
    Its reproducible in OOTB, Good to know from your side as well the outcome.
    Its OPM U11.
    Tried dropping Gauge from OOTB for workaround but yet it is also disappearing.

  • Hi Ashutosh, 

    Instruments by default falls under PIPING and INSTRUMENT Component class. How you have created this list to set under Equipment category?

    If you still would like to create instrument you may create Generic>Generic Instrument and create Level switch type. See image below

    Let me know if that helps


    Rahul Kumar

    Product Engineer – Global Technical Support | Community Moderator