Advanced export to excel


I wanted to create a template for advanced export.

Everything worked well, but is it possible to create a list with all components in one sheet and not one component by one sheet?

another example:

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  • Hi Peter,

    Why do you want to use Advance Export? Advance Export allows to pull a mapped excel sheet using that you can create equipment datasheet which is in general per sheet. Bit more details based on your requirement would be helpful to understand the problem.

    If you want to generate list of equipment records then you can create custom query and export the result to excel. That custom query (sql join query) can hold multiple relationship as well like equipment is placed on which model and connected to which linenumber.

    Regards | Deepak Singh

  • Thank you for your reply!
    I need lists using a specific template that I created for our line/valve or EMSR lists.

    If this is not possible, how can I create "ready to ship" lists? (already with a template and not formless excel sheet without layout/template)

    Maybe with advanced query?

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