How to change deployed OPM environment from Metric to Mixed Metric


I have a project that was deployed on a Metric environment (all measures in metric units), but after working for a while, and with some models already created, we noticed that it should have been a Mixed Metric (measurements in metric, but Nominal Diameters for piping in imperial) environment.

Is there a way to change the environment and update our existing models without having to redo them?

We're using OpenPlant Modeler CONNECT U8.1

  • Hi Rodrigo,
    Thank you for posting in our forum. Let me check with the team for any similar situation.
    But i'm thinking, if ever the environment is changed from metric to mixed-metric, the sizes will re-scale, this will cause movements of the components and disconnects of the joints. Which will also result to a redraw. 

    Still let me check if someone has encountered the same. Or a better solution we can provide. I'll get back to you if i got something.