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I am reviewing a client standard and found the implementation of ProjectWise One Configuration of Managed WorkSpace for Bentley Products.

The one configuration workflow seems very complex as compare to the general managed workspace workflow. Do Bentley still promotes the ProjectWise One Configuration workflow?

Need some quick expert advice on it.

Note: The ProjectWise One Configuration is not working properly based on user's input as it is struck or not loading at all. I do not have specific image to share. Please confirm if this ProjectWise One Configuration workflow is still a recommended workflow from Bentley for creation of managed workspaces.

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  • I'll check with the team if this is still a recommended workflow for OpenPlant.
    But as far as i know, this will need the ProjectWise team's expertise to implement, so i guess it would be a good question to also post in the PW forum.

  • Can I get some clarification on what is meant by "ProjectWise One Configuration"?   

    "One Configuration" is not a ProjectWise specific concept. One Configuration is a way to allow multiple applications use the same workspace but place product specific data in subfolders of the common standards folders. This is capability is built into the msconfig file.  Example:

    %include $(_USTN_WORKSPACESTANDARDS)*.cfg
        %include $(_USTN_WORKSPACE_GROUP_STANDARDS)*.cfg
            %include $(_USTN_WORKSPACE_SUBGROUP_STANDARDS)*.cfg

    However, Bentley does not deliver a One Configuration example.

    The is also the templated "Dynamic Managed Workspace" (DMW) for ProjectWise managed workspaces.  

    Dynamic Managed Workspace - ProjectWise Design Integration Wiki - ProjectWise - Bentley Communities

    This is a systematic approach to ProjectWise managed workspace that primarily uses .cfg files in lieu of CSBs.  This allows multiple workspace to be implemented with a single CSB.  The DMW has preconfigured, advanced .cfg files that allow detection of product version, file context and other features.  The DMW is not "supported" by Bentley and is considered a custom installation.  However, this template is currently maintained by the Bentley ProjectWise Consultants. It is the standard for Managed Workspace installations by the ProjectWise Consultants and has been successfully utilized by over 100 different firms and agencies.  

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  • Hi Buddy,

    Thanks for the details and explanation on this!

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