Missing Fasteners

I am currently working on making catalogues/specs using the OpenPlant Specification Generator application and had much success with trouble shooting most issues that have arised. Unfortunately I am running into modeling issues with regards to flanged connections.

   This simple pipe section for example has a butterfly sandwiched between two weld neck flanges.

When I run the 'Fix Disconnects', it shows an error that both gaskets and bolts are not found. I have validated that the bolts and gaskets are included in the spec. I am not sure what fields I should be looking into in order to correct this issue.

Guidance is much appreciated,

- Jared Regan

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  • Hi Jared,

    Then initially, there's already missing fastener association when you're adding the Butterfly Valve. 

    On the other hand, did you mean when you copied the CS150 spec to the new spec that you just outright used Copy-Paste tools to move it from one spec to another? Although this could work, but the preferred workflow is to add new items by referencing the catalog when making the spec. 

    Is it possible that you can send your workset here so we can check? 



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