Additional Fasteners at Flanges

I need some help with bolts. I have a situation where we have a valve that requires two different bolt lengths. So when the user places the valve, I need to have two sets of bolts inserts so when the iso drops both sets are listed in the BOM. Any solutions out there, has anyone done this before?

I'm using Bentley AutoPlant Select Series 4



  • Hmm.. Can't say I've done it myself, but what about just accomodating for it in the description.  So. for example,  it would show a quantity of 8 and the description line would read 4 (bolt description 1) & 4 (Bolt description 2)..  Not sure if that would work or not..

    Hope it helps!

  • Thanks jwolfe for the suggestion. I actually tried this first, the problem with this is that isogen totals the quantities. For instance a 6"150# flange requires 8 bolts per flange set, in the BOM if I had two sets (which you would for valves, set on each side) total quantity would be 16 bolts, but the description would read 4 (bolt descript) and 4 (bolt descript), that totals eight bolts which conflicts with the 16 bolt total in the quantity column.

  • Hello Jamie,

    Well, best solution would be I believe to define a custom joint for this particular case in JOINTS.INI and there define either a custom FastenerScript, which would add a 2 sets of bolts to this connection, or just define fasteners required directly in joints.ini file: Fasteners      = AT_GASKET;AT_BOLT;AT_BOLT

    Afterwards, when placing flanges, AutoPLANT will read this and will ask which flanged connection do you want to use (default one or your custom one). If you'll use custom it will add two sets of bolts.

    Steps to complete:

    1. Edit JOINTS.INI, add new joint for Flanged connections:

    End1           =  FL ; WAF; WFL; FLR; FLA
    End2           =  FL ; WAF; WFL; FLR; FLA
    ReqMatch       =  ND
    cocoscript     = at_flange_coco
    Fasteners      = AT_GASKET;AT_BOLT;AT_BOLT
    Description    =  Flanged Joint 2 with 2 bolt sets
    Tolerance_Variable = MAX_FLANGEDSLOPE_TOL

    2. Place flange, see that you'll get an option to choose which joint should be used:

    3. Run Isogen, see that two sets of bolts are assigned for this joint.

    Hope this helps,

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  • Justinas,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried adding the joint connection as explained, but I did not get the dialog shown in item 2. Where is the fastener script located. I assume its in an .ebs file, the normal flange joint calls the scripts at_FlangedJoint_fasteners, I have searched for this script but cannot find it.

  • Hello Jamie,

    The dialog in #2 will appear if you will have a multiple possible joints defined for the specific end condition pair in your joints.ini file. So, if you just add a copy of [Flanged] section in joints.ini file, as [Flanged2] you should get this dialog.

    Are you changing a correct ini file? Usually, there is a project specific joints.ini file in the project folder (%project_root%\Config\modules) and that is the one which is used for that project. So, if you do change the one in program files, the changes will not take any effect for projects with their specific joints.ini/joints.ebs files.

    You don't really need to customize the fastener script, unless you really need to have some fastener calculation for your custom joint as well. For that joints.ebs file is the one you need to check.