Cant create project


I am running Bentley Autoplant V8i SS4, when trying to create a new project with Project Administrator i am getting the following message:

Error creating new project:

Couldn't reserve ProjID <0001> in Project Root databas.

I am using the Standard Configuration to add my root and it allows me to add the root project fine, but when I select new to create the project, that's when the error pops up. I'm also not able to create sub-projects under existing ones either. I have created many projects in the past before, but now I cannot create any. Any help on this would be appreciate.



  • Hello Jamie,

    Could you please provide bit further information about system configuration. Operating System, MS Office, 64 or 32 bit environment.

    Is this is something that happened right away after installing AutoPlant? Was this is a new install or SS4 was installed on top of older version of AutoPlant?

    Could you please try to run Project Administrator using local administrator account to check if it would be possible to reproduce this issue? This will let to determine if this has something to do with account privileges.