Got an idea for how to improve OpenPlant products? Share it with us. Or vote on other people's ideas.

Is there a new feature or improvement to an existing feature you would like to see us work on?  We love hearing your feedback and our teams working on the various OpenPlant products regularly review the ideas and incorporate them into product planning discussions. While we can’t guarantee any specific features or timelines, we will read all suggestions and respond to every suggestion that gets at least 10 votes. We may also merge and rename suggestions for clarity. Once you have voted on an idea you will automatically receive email notifications when the status of the idea changes.  We may also reach out to you during development to get feedback on designs or participate in early access beta testing.

Best practice for submitting ideas:  

  • Check to see if your idea has already been submitted. Make use of the “Filter” or “Sort By” options to source posts of interest to you. If another user has already proposed the same idea, you can vote on it to show your support for the idea. Engaging with other user’s ideas by voting or commenting may help with the prioritization of the enhancements that are accepted. The popularity of an idea helps us understand its importance to our users.  
  • To vote or comment on another user’s idea:  
    • Navigate to the OpenPlant Ideas Portal
    • To vote for an idea, simply click “Vote” on the left.  
    • To comment on an idea, click on the title of that idea. When the page loads, scroll to the end and click “Add a comment.”  
  • Please limit each submission to a single topic. Providing feedback about a single topic at a time helps us to identify and link similar submissions together. 
  • Remember not to include any personal identifiable information (PII) such as phone numbers or email addresses.  
  • Please remember to be constructive and respectful when commenting on other user’s ideas.  

To submit a new idea: 

  • Make sure you are logged in to Bentley Communities.  
  • Navigate to the OpenPlant Ideas Portal
  • In the left column, click “Add a new idea” and enter the information requested. The more details the better!  
  • Click “Add Idea.” You are now subscribed to this idea post, and unless you opt-out, you will get emails every time this idea is updated.  
  • Your idea will now be reviewed directly by our product development teams and it will be assigned a status.  
  • You can come back to the product’s portal at any time to see the status of your idea(s).  

What happens after I submit an idea? 

Your idea will be reviewed by the product management team and the status will be updated accordingly. Please see the definitions of the different states below.  

  • Needs review – This is the status assigned to an idea when it is initially submitted. Your idea will remain in this state while our product teams assess the value, impact, and strategic fit. Users can vote or comment on this idea when this status has been applied.  
  • Future consideration – When your idea has been reviewed by the product team and is considered a valid idea, but it is not ready to be scheduled or implemented yet, this status will be applied. Your idea will be reviewed, and it may be considered for a future release. Users can continue to vote or comment on this idea when this status has been applied.  
  • Already exists – Great news! The proposed idea is already available for this Bentley product. A comment will be added by our product teams explaining what the feature is with a link to the associated documentation. 
  • Planned – When an idea has been validated by the product teams and will be included in an upcoming product release, this status will apply. No timeline will be provided in this instance as the idea could be dependent on certain technical pre-requisites. 
  • Will not implement – While we very much welcome all ideas that are submitted by our users, this status is applied when an idea does not garner enough support from peers, does not align with the product strategy, or is not technically feasible at this time. Please feel free to rework and resubmit your idea based on the feedback received. 
  • Shipped – Your idea has been implemented in a version release!  We will add a comment explaining what the feature is and we will provide a link to documentation.