"Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error while placing user defined content in GC+AECOsim

Hej ppl,

I am trying to some user defined items in GC, but I always get this error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

lets say in GC/AECOsim,  i defined a coordinate system cs01.

I can use cs01 to place doors (fx, door01), directly from GC AECOsim Building Designer menubar, and I just need to draw a wire from cs01 to input of door01, and choose the catalogitem types from the dropdown list. no problems at all.

now I have used revit to gerenrate some my own catalogitems fx, item1, they can be manually placed by place user defined content.

if I use GCs function place BuildingContent (fx, BldCt01), it asks for the same input as doors. but if I draw a wire from cs01 to BldCt01.CoordinateSystem, and choose item1. I get this error Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I have tried to simplfy the design, it contains only one coordinate system cs01 (placed manually), and on BuildingContent, still gets the error.

I have attached a screenshot of my orginal designfile, I create a serie of coordinatesystem, and wish could use them to place my item1(gerenated in revit).... the coordinatesystem is working if i use it to place doors.

could anyone help me with the issue?? thx


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  • YIJY_AZ14_700_a.zip

    Hej Volker,

    here is my GC file, with only coordinatesystem nodes and building content nodes, I have add the revit family in the zip file as well so that you can just convert it into catalog item.

    it is correct that only contents from revit cant be placed by GC command.... I tried predefind PCS cell: baseplate, it works fine. but not with revit family file.....

    I think it is a big issue for me if the problem can not be fixed, as you can see the geometri of the item I am using in revit famliy is very compelicated. right know I dont think AECOsim can make a parametric cell like that, I have tried to use PCS, it is way too difficult to use compare to Revit....

    So please do take a look at the files and help me out.

    ps. GC