Creating New Nodes

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has any experience creating icon/nodes from functions.

To explain what I am trying to do:

I have created a few functions using the basic method shown in the 2019_02 GC SIG "The GC SDK Digging_Deeper".

Using just a script in simple string form, as a easy way to get into creating Add-ins. 

That all works fine as and we can utilise the function from the function dialog or using a function call.

I would however like to create an icon/node that I can link to this function.

I have created an icon/node and placed it into a NodeTypePaletteCateory etc 

Just wondering what how I would go about calling the function I created? I assume I would need to create a funcitoncall as an input and populate it with the new function I created. 

We are trying to make the custom function more accessible to new users that are more familiar with node based workflows.

Any help would be appreciated.

Will post the results, maybe someone will find it useful.