Generative Components - Points on Polyline by Chord Length Function

Hi All,

I have recently switched over to using Computational Design tools in OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition - 2020 Release 2 Update 8 - Version (previously I was using OpenBuildings Designer CONNECT Edition Update 6 - Version and one I the functions that I used frequently  is no longer working. The function that no longer works is used to place points at a chord length along a 3d line (it is the one Wayne Dickerson provided information on here:

In OpenBuildings Designer the function worked perfectly, however on OpenRail Designer it works for the first 4-6 points and then it just stops placing points. Does anyone know why this might be happening?

Placing points at a chord length along a 3d line is a very useful function. It would be nice if the Point ByIncrementalDistanceAlongCurve tool worked when the DistanceCurveOption was ChordLength for both a 3d and 2d line (at present it only works for a 2d line) as that would remove the need to create functions to complete this task.



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