Textstyle in a function

Hi there,

I am trying to use different text styles in a function but all text gets placed using only the last Textstyle referenced (in my case all 3 Texts are placed using Textstyle 3).

Am I doing something wrong here?

node User.Objects.text1 Bentley.GC.NodeTypes.Text
            Technique                 = 'ByFunction';
            Function                  = function (CoordinateSystem cs1, CoordinateSystem cs2, CoordinateSystem cs3, TextStyle t1, TextStyle t2, TextStyle t3)
                                        Text myText1 = new Text(this);                                           
                                        Text myText2 = new Text(this);
                                        Text myText3 = new Text(this);
                                        myText1.ByPointOrPlaneOrCoordinateSystem(cs1,"Test1", t1);
                                        myText2.ByPointOrPlaneOrCoordinateSystem(cs2,"Test2", t2);
                                        myText3.ByPointOrPlaneOrCoordinateSystem(cs3,"Test3", t3);
            FunctionArguments         = {coordinateSystem00, coordinateSystem1, coordinateSystem2, textStyle01, textStyle03, textStyle03};

Thanks in advance!