Save geometry after transaction or run multiple transactions


Coming from Revit- Dynamo( Building Design) background, i am new to Bentley generative Components & exploring it currently. In revit dynamo, once we run a script & close dynamo , the geometry/process still is saved or present in model. we can run another script post that without worrying about the geometry or any element in revit being affected with respect to the task being automated .
when i try the same in generative components say create points from excel or place cell based on coordinates, only one transaction is available at a time , how can i save the placed geometry/cell or points? So that i can run another transaction or scripts do further automation later on as & when the team needs to modify anything.  i tried switching to modeling or aecosim from dropdown after i ran transaction , it did save geometry the next time i opened generative components, but it seems to crash most of the time. any help would be appreciated.

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  • Mstn's very good Ref attachment functionality and has a lot of advantages... but will probably feel alien and clumsy to Dynamo users.

    You have hit the nail on the head there Dominic. 

    We GC users are very comfortable in taking geometry (dgn, dwg, ifc, etc) or information (excel, etc) as referenced information and re-creating geometry based on the rules we apply in GC using the input geometry or information. It in essence creates a copy of that information within the file containing the script, and can replace the original information when needed or if needed, as oppose to writing directly to, and making change to existing geometry. 

    An example of that is here.

    The 2D survey is referenced data from some one else. It could be constantly changing. What we are doing here is taking the data we require from that, and creating "new" geometry without altering the existing.

    However the author of the 2D survey may continue to make change. After change we can run our GC script again, and recreate that geometry based on change made to the 2D survey. 

    Making change to geometry manually created in a DGN would require a "utility" created in say VBA or other coding based techniques. We have discussed using GC as a simplified way of creating "utilities" without the need to "always" dive into code. Its certainly on the table.  

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