2D Cell extrude along path

Hi everyone i try to create extrusion along a path by using 2D cell, But its show error and Please also can help how to place cell by the Plan or direction

  • Hi Ganesh,

    Cell node is failing because you might not have "curve" in a cell since you are trying to extract curve elements from cell. So please check what your cell consists of.

    You cannot place cells directly along path, you need to place point using technique [Ex. Point.ByNumberAlongCurve technique] and then place cell on these points [Use technique ByCoordinateSystemOrPointWithOptionalScaling.

    Once all cells are placed , use technique FromElementsInCell , this will extract all curves from cell then use Solid node technique 'OffsetFromClosedCurve', this will help you to get desired result.

    I have attached a short video for your reference.

    Just like we placed points on curve we can also place plane OR coordinateSystems along curve.


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