The OFFSET method does not work?

I have a 3D string that was produced as part of an OpenRoads corridor.

I made it into a BSpline via Polyline ByElement -> BSpline ByPolyline.

I wanted to offset it sideways but it always failed. It would only let me offset in the Z direction.

BSpline Offset Error

What am I missing here?

  • Hello  Yuan, 

    We have a known defect for bspline curve not giving the desired result when we use the offset method. In the mean time you can use an workaround to get the same result. Here i have created an extra point node which will act as a point of offset and then i have used the Copy Transform Geometric contents to get the same geometry. I have attached the file. I hope this helps you. 

    bspline offset.gct


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