[ORD C#]How to get the ConsensusConnectionEdit object in my custom DgnModel?

SoftWare Version: ORD Update7

Operating System: windows10


i create a dgnmodel in a ORD's design file. That is there is three dgnmodel in a dgn file,one is "Default-2D",another one is "Default-3D",and the last one is my own dgnmodel.

when i'm in my own dgnmodel which means my own dgnmodel is active. I want to get the ConsensusConnectionEdit  in the Default-2D to create a TempalteDrop for corridor which is in the Default-2D dgnmodel, But i found that the ConsensusConnectionEdit  only give two method to get a ConsensusConnectionEdit  object, one is GetActive(), another one is GetFromRepositoryConnection(RepositoryConnection connect).

I have tried the ConsensusConnectionEdit.GetFromRepositoryConnection(RepositoryConnection connect) method, but found out that i can't create TemplateDrop correctly ,maybe i construct the RepositoryConnection object in a wrong way.

Can anyone help me to figure out how to add a TempalteDrop to a Corridor when the active dgnmodel is not default-2D/3D model but the Corridor is.

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