[ORD] VBA - SmartObjects Issues in ORD with Code that worked in Ss4

We have created a modified version of SmartObjects for our DOT Usage. We enhanced some of the command line arguments to accept Element Templates instead of level names or any other drawing parameters. One thing that was not 100% consistent was trying to set the elements created so the element templates are also assigned to the elements. Sometime the code worked and other times it did not.

But more glaring was our extension of the 3D pipes workflow concept. We decided to create extrusions of drainage structures to show where the underground vaults were. This had to be a "schematical" representation by taking the outline as shot, flattening it to its lowest point on the perimeter and then projecting it down to the lowest pipe invert found within its perimeter. In Ss4, it worked really well. Our Programmer, who does amazing work on conceptual ideas, even worked with our Manhole cell and made a 3D cylinder that determined is diameter using the largest size connecting pipe as its guide.

These worked great in Ss4, but in ORD CONNECT, the three D pipes work as designed, but the drainage structure extrusions were drawn using some unit conversion factor, so the were created way out in space, away from their "parent" survey figures. THis must be some error or revision in the VBA program code that is not explained or exposed in any documentation. I tried logging a TR, but without our full workspace and example file it went nowhere. The programmers don't seem to understand anything about how this code is accessed in ORD and why it is difficult to debug.


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