[C# ORD 10.09] Get Point at Station/Offset on Alignment with Station Equation

Is there a method in the ORD API where I can pass a station location of an alignment with a station equation and get the point location of that information? For example: I pass "A 120+26.00" and get back the corresponding point for that alignment location.

  • Hi Mike,

    Please, try this. I hope it helps.


    // al is your Alignment object
    StationFormatSettings settings = StationFormatSettings.GetStationFormatSettingsForModel(Bentley.MstnPlatformNET.Session.Instance.GetActiveDgnModelRef() as DgnModel);
    StationingFormatter formatter = new StationingFormatter(al);
    double d = formatter.ParseStation("A 120+26.00", settings);
    LinearPoint pt = al.LinearGeometry.GetPointAtDistanceOffset(d, 0.0);