ORD - Hung up when setting element linestyle


6354.Jacobs-RailTools-Test.dgnHi Team

I have created tools using mvba for a while, the tools are working fine in MS V8i and for first few version of ORD Connect.

But for later version of ORD, the macros just hung up when I try to set a linestyle of an element.

I am not sure if it is my system or a setting or an update from ORD that I miss, the function [Set elem.LineStyle = ActiveDesignFile.LineStyles("6")] is a basic function and it should not be an issue.

I am running ORD (CE 2021 release 1) on Windows 10 platform.

Attached is a test mvba and a dgn file that I use, it is only a simple macros to draw lines from centre of view 1.

It is working as is, but when try to run the  [Set IniSCL.LineStyle = ActiveDesignFile.LineStyles("6")] then ORD will hung up, please try


Thanks in advance.



Tai Nguyen - Track Engineer - Jacobs