[ORD 2021 R1] How to monitor geometry was changed?


before I dive into testing and research, I'd like to ask, whether ORD SDK offers a standard way how to monitor a geometry (simple, complex) was changed (e.g. moved, parameter of arc changed, part of geometry removed...)?

Based on this event, I need to do (not very complicated) calculations and when necessary, modify some other elements. Originally I hoped it is possible to use standard MicroStation tools (Display Styles, Expressions in Item Types, Fields in text), but some requirements are more complex than these tools can handle, and some events (like an arc between lines removed) require specific follow ups.

I have couple of ideas how to track events using MicroStation API (e.g. monitor input queue, to use Transaction Manager monitoring, EC data change monitor), but maybe there is something available already in civil API?

My question is not limited to specific API / language, the most of the code is C# now, but some other tools implemented are based on C++/CLI and calling native MicroStation API too.

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