[ORD 2021 R1] How to identify/remember element?


I am asking what is the best or recommended way how to "remember" an element in civil model?

To describe situation better: There can be e.g. alignment, represented by complex geometry. When there are e.g. 4 arcs, I need to remember (and later to identify again) e.g. 2nd arc, even when the geometry changed (so now it can be 1st or 3rd, or maybe it does not exist).

I am thinking about several options (ideas only, not tested yet whether can be implemented using C++ or NET API):

  • To use DGN persistence information, in other words to remember element id, that represent the particular part of geometry.
  • To use TraceID property I found in Alignment and LinearElement classes. But I do not know how "stable" it is and whether it is always the same (and e.g. do/not change between sessions).
  • To use another ID, e.g. EC GUID (if exists), that represent this part of geometry.

In bigger context, it should work as a weak persistent reference, so I can store this information and return back to this element (iterate model content), without to attach extra data, to use MicroStation DependencyAPI etc.