[ORD CE 10.10 Release 2] Crash - Polyface inside a cell, no crash in Release 1

I have created a small reproducible sample, please find attached.
We were ready to release our next version of software and one of the developers updated to Release 2 and found this issue, it does not appear in Release 1.

It appears to be when a polyfacemesh is put into a cell. Drawing the mesh outside of a cell works fine. We can also draw other geometry within a cell and that works fine. It appears to be the combination of a polyfacemesh within a cell.

Building the example:
I have included the built dlls if you wanted to run them directly, or to build them yourself make sure the configuration is set to "Debug - Connect" and Platform "x64".

Reproducible steps:
1. Load the TestProject dll into OpenRoads Designer 2021 Release 2 (my specific version is
2. Key-in "DrawWithNoCells". This will draw the meshes outside of a cell, which works fine. Zooming to extents will show the mesh.
3.Delete the drawn meshes from the model
4. Key-in "DrawCell1". This will draw a polyfacemesh in a cell.
5. At this point, interacting with the drawn cell (selecting, moving) will likely cause the "Access Violation Exception"
6. If it does not, Key-in "DrawCell2"

I have also included a screen recording of the issue. https://autode.sk/3Kc9jaz


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