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Simple way to get started with OpenRoads Designer SDK

It seems that a lot of users have trouble getting started with the OpenRoads Designer SDK. Especially when they are trying to use it inside Visual Studio. So I thought I would make a quick video which shows how I have setup my Visual Studio to use the examples that come with the ORD SDK.

This video will go over:

  • Creating a startup script to run Visual Studio so it "finds" ORD.
  • Compiling the examples.
  • Running the examples inside ORD.
  • Debugging the examples.
  • and making changes while ORD is running.

The method in this video is not the only way to do this and might not even be the best way, but it is simple and effective.

For reference here is the script that was used in the video. Please note that this will likely not work without changes on your own machine:

SET ORD=C:\Program Files\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer CE 10.10\OpenRoadsDesigner\
SET VS="E:\VS\2019\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe"
SET SLN="C:\Program Files\Bentley\OpenRoadsDesignerCONNECTSDK\examples\ManagedSDKExample\ManagedSDKExample.sln"

%VS% %SLN%

Hope it helps,

Ron Breukelaar