[vba CONNECT ORD 2021 R2] CreateCellElement1 and CreateCellElement2 broken in new release

have been testing ORD 2021 R2 ( and two of our vba application now causes ORD to crash. both apps crash when in the dynamics of a privative command event . I tracked down the problem to be around using the CreateCellElement1 and CreateCellElement2 functions. when I comment out the use of both of these variables the app does not crash.i thought maybe it was something from MicroStation Update 16 since this version of ORD was built off of that. but when I run these apps in MicroStation they run fine with no crashes. and the apps run fine in ORD 2021 R1 ( seems like something was broken in this update.

Submitted ticket with bentley (SR7001389725) and was told to post here. 

Side note..really need a better way to submit programming related defects. its one thing to post here here for help. but when an actual defect or problem is found, I want to make sure some one from Bentley is aware and i can get an actual defect number and make sure its gonna get fixed. posting here seems like an easy way for something like this it slip through the cracks.

  • Hi John,

    Submitted ticket with bentley (SR7001389725)

    I am investigating this issue and a first quick test is showing a crash situation with this 2021 R2 build. I will need to continue to isolate this issue and let you know as soon as possible. 

    UPDATE: This issue seems to be restricted to the VBA method CreateCellElement1, which requires an array of elements as input parameter.
    It seems all other methods to create cells are not affected. This issue will be addressed by the Civil experts.
    Also previous ORD releases as well as MicroStation builds are not affected by this issue.

    Best regards,