[ORLD 2021 R2 C#] Analyze how many alignments are contained (crossed) in cross section


Situtation: Named Boundary  is used to define cross section (and it points to Saved View (type Civil Cross Section) and the view is attached to Drawing model). The Named Boundary "knows" source alignment and stationing (position), but it can cross more alignments (rails in the discussed case).

Question: Is there any simple method that can be used to analyze what alignments are crossed, so they are displayed in the final section (Drawing model), and to know their coordinates in the section?

A reason behind the question is a requirement to "enrich" sections with more information about all alignments in every section (some sections can contain one alignment/rail only, but next one can contain more). Because a user was not able to find how to do it using standard ORD template / annotation / section tools, the idea is to add info a in batch mode to all created sections / drawings (I assume there is way how to include own code into section generation and updating process).

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