[ORD 2021 R2 VBA] CreateCellElement1 broken and crashes ORD


this bug report is a consequence of Mark's discussion about PropertyHandler and also reopening of older discussion about the same issue, which was left with no reaction from ORD developers :-(

Bug description: In OpenRoads Designer CE - 2021 Release 2 - Version, when CreateCellElement1 method is used, it crashes program completely (access violation).

It works fine in MicroStation and also in older ORD version (e.g. OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition - 2020 Release 3 - Version I was not able to test previous version of 2021 R2.

Test code:

Public Sub StartTest()
    Dim line As LineElement
    Set line = CreateLineElement2(Nothing, Point3dFromXY(5, 1), Point3dFromXY(10, 4))

    Dim ellipse As EllipseElement
    Set ellipse = CreateEllipseElement2(Nothing, Point3dFromXY(2, 2), 3, 3, Matrix3dIdentity)
    Dim elements(0 To 1) As Element
    Set elements(0) = line
    Set elements(1) = ellipse
    Dim cell As CellElement
    Set cell = CreateCellElement1("test", elements, Point3dFromXY(0, 0), False)
End Sub

I treat it as critical error, because there is no other way how to create a cell from more elements.