[ORD SDK] How to get Subsurface.Model.UtilityModel?

our users are working with subsurface and utilites elements in OpenRoads/OpenRail. They need better annotation and editing tools and I am glad the SDK version includes some functionality for drainage and subsurface utilitites but now I am bit lost while writing a code.
I am able to get subsurface model and attributes of nodes and links, but there are very few attributes only (name, FD,...) in this model.
More attributes (coordinates, elevations, points for links,......) are include in Entities in Utility Model, but that is still locked for me.
My question is: How to get active Bentley.Civil.Subsurface.Model.UtilityModel? Here are Entities with usable attributes.
Can anyone advise?



Here is my example workflow for Subsurface model

    Bentley.DgnPlatformNET.DgnModel actDGNModel = Bentley.MstnPlatformNET.Session.Instance.GetActiveDgnModel();
    ConsensusConnection con = new ConsensusConnection(actDGNModel);
    if (con == null)
        return null;
        GeometricModel act_geomModel = con.GetActiveGeometricModel();
        Bentley.Civil.Subsurface.SDKNet.SubsurfaceModel act_sueModel = SubsurfaceModel.Create(act_geomModel);               
        IEnumerable<Node> sue_nodes = act_sueModel.GetNodes();