[ORLD 2021 R2 C#] Calculate alignments and plane (shape) intersections?


my situation is:

  • I have 3D model with referenced alignments, represented as 3D Linear Elements (result of Complex Element geometry and Profile definitions)
  • There are planes (defined using planar shapes)

So it is quite the same as model when sections (Named Boundaries) are created in ORLD, but question is different:

Every shape (because in general position) intersects zero, one or more alignments. What is recommended way how to calculate the intersections?

Without writing any test code, I see two options:

  • Obtain all LinearEntities3d > get LinearElement > use Intersect method (but it is not explained what parameters means, is it origin + normal?)
  • Convert MicroStation API element (CurveVector) and to use standard MicroStation tools to calculate intersection between curve and plain.

What is better, wrong, recommended?

With regards,


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