over 2 years ago

Thorough, simple documentation for OpenRoads/Civil SDK

When MicroStation VBA was introduced it was well documented. The Help file was very thorough, including links, explanations and sample code. GeoPak also included its own Help file to expand upon the Civil applications of VBA. This was very helpful for people who did not come from an intensive programming background, making it (reasonably) simple to create useful tools to augment those already provided by the software.

InRoads did not come with such comprehensive help.

Since OpenRoads is going to be abandoning VBA altogether to focus on C++/C#, I think it might be helpful for Bentley to develop that sort of verbose, comprehensive, instructional help for the OR SDK. I'm sure there are plenty of people who have had VBA macros that they would like to bring across to use in OpenRoads, and I am sure that there are functions and tools that others may want to develop for their own use. A complete, well-documented help file can be invaluable to someone without a lot of programming experience who needs a few simple "extra" tools.