Reference file scale accuracy

Can I change the scale accuracy of a reference file from the default (?) six to 11 digits after 0? It doesn't seem to be related to the working unit setting. I'm using V8i Vers. Thanks for any help.  

  • Hi Peter,

    the reference scale accuracy is defined by scale value representation, which is type double.

    What is displayed in MicroStation GUI is a value rounded for a display purpose only, not the stored value. I don't know about any way how to change a number of decimal places displayed for the reference scale value ... but it does not prevent you to enter more precise number. E.g. if you will type 1.0000001, the value displayed will be 1.000000, but stored and used value will be 1.0000001.

    Because double type is used, it's possible to use about 15 significant decimal numbers. It means to set 10 or 11th decimal number is quite unusual, but it should work fine. If interested in, see Wikipedia article or this blog series.

    You can enter the scale manually in References dialog or if VBA will be used (you asked in Programming Forum but not specified used language), the code can be similar to this one:

    Dim att As Attachment
    Set att = ActiveModelReference.Attachments(1)
    att.ScaleFactor = 1.00000000001

    With regards,