How to attach instance data in AECOsim using VBA


I would like to automatize the function Attach Instance Data (key in : dg add data).

We have hundreds of elements designed with pure MicroStation. Now the final customer ask to have IFC instead DGN. In DGN all the attributes have been stored as "Item Types". As these informations cannot be exported to IFC, we must convert them to something we can export...

Do do that, we must read these informations and save them into Catalog Items using AECOsim.

  1. we must scan the DGN and find all the relevant elements --> This point is ok

  2. for each relevant element, we must determine which "Catalog Item" must be associate to the element --> This point is ok

  3. now, we need to load the right "Catalog Item", fill in all the attributes and attach the filled catalog item to the element --> This point is not ok : How could I do that ?

Many thanks to all for your ideas and your expertise !


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