freeze DGN References in project Wise

I have an problem to freeze the reference. I am working in project wise environment when I am going to create a new version of DGN files at that time attached references are not freeze with old version DGN.

Means if I update the references DGN so the attached reference will update in old version as well in new version. Is it possible to freeze the reference without merging the drawings.



  • Projecwise uses work flows.

    files can be  'Work iI Progress', Shared, Published, etc..   Only files thaat are work in prograss can be edited. All others are read only.

    So if you want to issue a DGN  and not have it change, make sure that all references are Shared , Published etc and none are at State WIP..

    Your standards should say that issued drawings only reference  files whic a state of Shared and above. (i.e. readonly , locked)