Reading geometry from Slab elements in IModels


I'm trying to read geometry from slab elements like the one that can be found in test.i.dgn here, but I'm running into an issue. These slabs have geometry of type Group, but when I try to iterate over the elements in these groups and read each one like in the code snipped attached, the group->Members() call is always returning a null pointer. This code does work for other types of groups, but slabs seem to be a problem. 

I would appreciate any ideas or solutions anyone might have!

Thanks for your time,


processGroupGeom(Group^ group)
    for each (IGeometry^ member in group->Members())
        // Go through each child and process it

  • If you plant to use VBA or to create NET addin, you can access items (business data) using Property Handlers. Using them you can access to values, but not to the definition of ECObjects schema. Property Handlers are described in VBA help. mybkexperience

    Full access to i-model can be done using i-model API, which is described in MicroStation SDK V8i (SELECTseries 3).

    With regards.