EDG.EXE - is there any newer version of this?

The version I have is last modified in 1998 and has to be added to the DEP on newer OS. Is it possible to get the source code so I can replicate the functionality in FME?

  • Hi ,

    EdG.exe since MicroStation V8's release back in 2001 has long been deprecated and is only compatible with the MicroStation V7 (IGDS based) file format.

    Can you let me know a bit about the workflow, conditions and are constraints you need to work with so we can possibly provide a specific recommendation and help you forward?

    Thank you,

  • Hi Robert,
    We use MicroStation v7 files and are using the EDG in a couple of different applications with different parameters. As it is deprecated is it possible to get the source code? That would enable me to replicate the functionality as we are stuck using MicroStation v7 files for the immediate future. If it makes a difference we are also licensed for MicroStation.
    Examples of useage
    1. Take a directory of DGN files and merge them

    set search/status=active

    open F:\Land\PERM\PERM.dgn

    EDG F:\Land\PERM\pl08019.dgn

    write wh

    1. Take directory of dgn files
      set repair /attrflag=remove

    modify pbits = NOATTRIBUTE wh



    1. We also have a file that uses the SUMMARY and FULL commands