Export sheet file list

How to create Tittle with Connect

I have created a film how to create a title block with connect.

Now I want to know how to export or create list of the sheetfiles I have created with Connect.

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  • Hi Andy,

    I thought if a draftsman see this, he/she can understand what I mean with this

    that's probably very subjective. My experience is that how sheets are structured and how data are shared in workspace / workset is very different in every company. Many users even do not know about Workset custom properties and Text Fields that can be linked to different data sources, because they (often for historical reasons) use tags in sheets description / titleblocks.

    My question is, how to create a drawing list, with the data that I have allready fill in the 

    You did not answer my former question: Whether you expect to implement own code or you question is about how to do it manually without programming.

    When the first option is correct, you should move this post to MicroStation Programming forum and to define, what language you want to use. I guess it would be possible, even when I have not tried to access Workset custom properties e.g. from VBA.

    When the latter option is correct, move your question to MicroStation forum. My assumption is that the reports is the way to go, but it can't be achieved fully, because workset custom properties are not supported (yet) in reports as far as I know.

    To move existing discussion, use More > Move tool under your original post.

    with the data that I have allready fill in the

    Sorry, but the description is incomplete and confusing. I would prefer to describe it something like:

    • There are workset custom properties used in a sheet title block. (You did not mention this crucial important information anywhere in your post, it's only visible on your dialog capture, when a user knows this dialog.)
    • In the same title block, also sheet properties are displayed.
    • Is it possible to export the same data (from two sources: workset and sheet models) somehow?

    With regards,