OBD - vba - spaces

Hi all,

has anyone done some vba scripting on spaces?

We would like to transfer information from cells with tags to new places spaces objects.

therefore we would like to adress the origin of a space (if it has one) to search for a celle elemetn bnearby which carries some already enterd information as roomnumber an romname and so on.

So we would also need some possibility to script the value fields of a spce and add some information.

Something like this:

'sc.IncludeType SpaceElement

Set ee = ActiveModelReference.Scan(sc)

Do While ee.MoveNext
    Set oEle = ee.Current
    'ptOrgin = oEle.asSpaceElement.Origin
    'get some information as this place
    'oEel.asSpaceElement.Room.Value = some_information_text