Connect resize Terminator C++

I am working on a project that uses arrowhead terminators for lines when placing notes on a drawing.  When the person selects a text size, the arrowhead should remain at a relative size of 1/8"

so if the text is 1/32" the size of the arrowhead terminator should be W: 4.000 and H:2.000

1/16" - 2.00 and 1.00

1/10" - 1.25 and .625

1/8" - 1.000 and 0.5000

from what i read i have to set the DimensionStylePtr->setbooleanProp to true before i can even apply the weight width and height

DimensionStylePtr->SetBooleanProp(True, DIMSTYLE_PROP_Terminator_OverrideWeight_BOOLINT);

then i am to apply the Width and Height changes with 

DimensionStylePtr->SetBooleanProp(intValue, DimStyle_Prop_Terminator_Width_Double);

DimensionStylePtr->SetBooleanProp(intValue, DimStyle_Prop_Terminator_Height_Double);

do i put the size into the intValue forth the Width and Height?