ViewSet.mvba to display pre-set views

I am looking for a way to add a view setup that can be used by ViewSet.mvba (delivered with OpenRoads Designer).  I would like this setup to be able to be used by multiple files/models.  This would be particularly useful when working on 3D cells.

Specifically, I would like to open four views of the same model (Top, Right Isometric, Front, and Right) without having to open and set up the views manually.  I would like the right iso view to be in Smooth or Transparent, and the other three views in Wireframe.  The screenshot below illustrates what I am after.

My problem is I’m not familiar with VBA programming.  I think I could call on the “FourSquare” definition in the ViewControlConfigurations.xml to set up the layout of the views, but I don’t know what to do after that.  I just want the ability to automatically get the four views in any model I open (with a right-click option).

Thank you.