Problem connecting to Oracle DB (C++)

Hi all,

I am running into troubles with establishing a connection to an Oracle database using the MDL tools.

With this link, I have tried to use the Oracle connect string format specified here but keep running into a 4036 status (malformed connect string) when I call  mdlDB_activeDatabase(connect_string).

The connect string format according to the link is:  <user_name>/<password>@ host name

Below is an example of how I am plugging in my Oracle DB's values into the format: 

WChar data_source[100];
wcscpy(data_source, L"<test_user>/<password123>@myhostname");

Then I pass data_source to a function as a WCharCP argument and call the following:

status = mdlDB_activeDatabase(data_source);

The returned status is 4036.  I have tried several other permutations such as removing the <> brackets and removing the space between @ and host name.  I've also interpreted host name as two separate variables where name might be the connection name.  Everything I've tried results in a 4036 code.

Any help is appreciated.  I thank you for your time.