[BRCM V8i] Setting item browser tree manager options using vba.

Hi All,

I'm working with BRCM and using item browser to quickly extract some information about equipments in the model but in most of the cases it takes a long time due to the fact that default settings for tree manager make the item browser scan for items in all refernces and discover all item types.

So I'm wondering if there is any chance to set up this options using vba by the time the file is open so when I need to use the item browser it will load almost inmediately.

I have contacted support and they advice me to use macro recording to reproduce all the steps but the code produced is very simple and only opens the item browser but it doesn't change any options. By the way vba and basic macro recording produce almost the same code.

Here the code produced by macro recording (basic):

Sub main
    Dim startPoint As MbePoint
    Dim point As MbePoint, point2 As MbePoint

'   Start a command
    MbeSendCommand "MDL KEYIN Bentley.ECUISupport,ECUISupport EC BROWSE"
End Sub

To make it more clear, these are the options I need to change:

Thank you in advance.