Create New DGN Using VBA Form with ORD/ProjectWise

I am moving a team to OpenRoads Designer (10.09) and I've been asked to implement an in-application "wizard" to replace the standard File > New functionality. Rather than have users manually key in the new DGN filename from scratch, I'd like to have a VBA form that allows them to select various controls that will build the filename for them based on the type of design file, discipline, etc.

I know some DOTs and other agencies have developed enhanced new file creation applets/add-ons using the SDK. Unfortunately, I haven't used C# in years and would have to invest a lot more time/effort than I would if I could perform the same functionality with VBA.

My question is whether this functionality is possible/recommended with VBA when connected to ProjectWise. I have found the CreateDesignFile() method that seems to be the answer, but I need to know whether creating new DGN files this way will:

  1. Work with ProjectWise paths (as opposed to local or mapped network paths)
  2. Allow users to navigate ProjectWise folders for the target location
  3. Correctly brand the new DGN files with the current Workspace/Workset

Thank you very much for any guidance you can provide.