GeoSpatial Parcel Mapping Management Application

Is there a schema/App for Right of Way Parcel Management for either Bentley OpenRoads or OpenCities? Just want to start the conversation if anyone (especially in the USA/State DOT) is still using MicroStation (ORD) for Right of Way Mapping, especially DOT, since GeoPAK has been retired.

I’ve noticed many State & local Governments have transitioned away from CAD to the ESRI/.shp space.

Cannot find any significant info from most of the State DOT websites.

Most in the Surveying & Mapping Community that I know of, are still in the MicroStation SS10/GeoPAK space. Investigating interest in a “Parcel Mapping/Management App that is CAD agnostic, that can talk to ORD/OpenCities, and ESRI.shp.  

Particularly interested in users in the USA.

MicroStation user since 1996.